Element Urja (Space)

This product is used to cover the deficiency of Akash Tatva i.e. Ether/Space Element of the Bhram Sthan (Centre) of a house.

If out of 81 Padh, at the Centre 9 Padh there is a wall or a pillar then it imbalances the Akash Tatva of that house.

Hence, we place Space Element Urja Product at the Centre (Bhram Sthan) to maintain the balance of Akash Tatva.

All the powers of Akash Tatva are collectively instilled in this product.

When we place this product at the Centre of 9 Padh or around that area then it balances out the Akash Tatva.

Check the positive energy level before and after placing the product.

Rs 1,200.00
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