Chakra Pyramid (Throat)

• Throat Chakra (Vishuddha ) is placed close to the thyroid gland inside the backbone of the sushumna nadi situated at the back side of the throat.

• This is related to throat and lungs and is very sensitive chakra. It is the fundamental point for the distribution of Pran Urja.

• If this Chakra is disturbed or blocked, an individual would get problem related to throat, asthma, thyroid, vaani dosh, body height does not increases, psychopathology, hearing problem and no interest in studies, reading or teaching.

• After clearing the blockage of this Chakra with Harmonising Therapy, we maintain the balance of this Chakra with the help of Vishuddha Chakra Urja product.

• Paste nine photographs of the individual at the backside of this product.

Rs 1,300.00
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