Chakra Pyramid (Heart)

• Heart Chakra is also known as Anahata Chakra. This is the fourth major energy center in the human body.

• This Chakra is in the central channel in the spine close to the heart. Our Sould resides here.

• This is considered as the most important Chakra in human body because it is connected to heart, liver, blood flow and lungs.

• Due to blockage of this Chakra, an individual will face problems like heart diseases, blood flow problem, hysteria, asthma, tuberculosis and lungs related problem .

• Once the blockage is clarified using Harmonising Therapy, we have created Heart Chakra Urja product in order to maintain the balance of this Chakra.

• This product incorporates all the powers related to Anahata Chakra.

• Paste nine photographs of the individual at the backside of this product.

Rs 1,300.00
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