Chakra Pyramid

Chakra Pyramid (Sacral)

• Sacral Chakra is also called Swadhisthana Chakra. This is the second major energy center in the human body.

• This Chakra contains unconscious desires, especially sexual desires.

• It gives strength to Reproductive system or organs (Prajnan Indris).

• Sacral Chakra consists of small intestine, large intestine, reproductive system, kidneys, gall bladder and urinary tract.

• Due to blockage in this Chakra, an individual faces problems like acidity, indigestion, appendicitis, reproductive system related problem, kidneys, nerves, urinary infection, diabetes, increase in lethargy, fatigue.

• Once the blockage of this Chakra is cured by Harmonising Therapy, we have created Swadhisthana Urja product in order to maintain the balance of this Chakra. All the powers related to this product are collectively instilled in this product.

• Paste nine photographs of the individual at the backside of this product.

Rs 1,300.00
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