Chakra Pyramid

Chakra Pyramid (Root)

• Root Chakra is also called Muladhara Chakra. This is the first major energy center in the human body.

• This is located near the base of the spinal cord. It is said to be the center point of physical and materialistic powers and consciousness. It is considered as the foundation of the “energy body”.

• It gives strength to body and bones. It originates blood circulation and purity. This keeps your hair and skin of the body healthy. Moreover, provides strength to the area below the waistline.

• This Chakra transmits healthy vitality (Jeevani Shakti).

• Due to blockage in this Chakra, an individual faces problems in the areas below the waistline including legs and knees. Additionally, faces problems related to bones, blood and skin

• After the Harmonising Therapy, we have created Root Chakra Urja product in order to maintain the balance of this Chakra.

• In this product, we have infused all the powers related to this Chakra.

• Paste nine photographs of the individual at the backside of this product.

Rs 1,300.00
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