Color Water Charger and Pyra Glass

• Color Water Charger and Pyra Glass product has a stand inside it in order to charge water.We have used Magnet Therapy to charge water.

• On the other side of this product we have placed seven crystal glasses of different color along with a Pyramid. They work according to color therapy.If there is a problem with any specific Chakra then charge water in the glass ensuring that the color of that glass belongs to that specific chakra. For example, if an individual has problem in Manipur Chakra then charge water in yellow color glass and drink it. Hence, that specific chakra will balance out and get healed.

• If one wants excellent results then additionally, use Chakra Urja of that specific Color at the base stand.

• In the end, you will get quick, best and surprising results.

Rs 2,700.00
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