Asht Vinayak Urja

Asht Vinayak Urja (South East)

• Asht Vinayak Urja(South East) product is positioned inside the main entrance door of the “South -East i.e. Dakshin – Purv” direction to retrieve the divine energy.

• This product is placed inside the main entrance door at the centre of the doorframe.

• Combined strength and power of Shukra Grah i.e. planet Venus is instilled in Asht Vinayak Urja (South East) product.

• If the main entrance in South East is not constructed in proper direction then positive energy of that area reduces tremendously. When we place Asht Vinayak Urja(South East) product then the positive energy elevates to 100% and the natives receive the blessings of “Asht Vinayak” while leaving the house and removes all the obstacles.

• When the powerful energized aspect of Asht Vinayak vibrates in the house, it reduces the bad effects of wrong placement of main entrance door and moreover, the natives are blessed with prosperity, good luck and wealth.

• Check the positive energy before and after the placement of this product.

Rs 590.00
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