Height Urja

• Height Urja product is always placed in South-West corner i.e. Nairutya Kon .

• If height of Nairutya Kon i.e. South-West corner is lower than the other corners then it imbalances the whole house .

• If Nairutya Kon could not be the tallest during construction of a house then Height Urja product will rectify that dosh .

• Height Urja Product has the shape and power to enhance the height of Nairutya Kon so hence it balances out the height of South-West corner.

• Always place this product on top floor of the house in Nairutya Kon.

• In order to increase positive energy effects, Shubh Urja has used different types of Yantra Shakti (Tools), Mantra Shakti (Words), Tantra Shakti (Method), Ank Shakti (Numbers), Rang Shakti (Colors), Ratna Shakti (Gems), Pyramid Shakti, Sfhatik Shakti (Crystal), Prarthna Shakti (Prayer & Meditation) and Sankalp Shakti (Oath).

• Compare the positive energy before and after the placing this product using any energy measurement instrument.

Rs 2,800.00
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