Bhumi Urja (North-East)

• Ishanya Bhumi Urja product is especially designed to rectify the doshas and to energize the North-East (Uttar –Purv) Ishanya Kon or corner.

• This product is plunged i.e. digged in the earth in the North-East direction.

• From outside it will look like a normal Pyramid. In normal pyramid, there is no extra energy instilled in it instead it will have its own energy only.

• But this product has all the powers of “Guru Grah i.e. Jupiter planet” which is the owner of North-East direction. There is no Yantra in this product because we do not dig or plunge a Yantra in the earth in order to increase the positive energy of the earth.

• Lord of Ishanya Kon is Jupiter planet.

• All powers of planet Jupiter are put together in this product which makes it a very powerful tool and cures all the bad effects of Ishanya corner.

• Ishanya Bhumi Urja is suitable for plots.

• If there is Vastu Dosh in Ishanya corner i.e. North-East of a plot then that area will have very low positive energy. To charge that area, place Ishanya Bhumi Urja product which will bring its positive energy to 100%.

• You can compare the positive energy before and after the placement of this product using Aura Scanner, Digital Aura Scanner, Lechar Antenna or L-Rod.

Rs 890.00
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