Swastik Urja (Energy Enhancer tool for Door Entry)

Swastik Urja (West)

Swastik Urja (West) product is used to remove outer Negative Energy of main Entrance of West (Paschim) direction. It is placed outside the Entrance Gate.

• This product is placed only in West corner at main entrance at the centre of the doorframe in the outward direction.

• This Swastik product also looks like a normal Swastik from the outside but this product has all the powers of Rahu planet.

• If due to some bad influences from the outside, main entrance positive energy is getting affected; this product will increase the energy level to 100%.

• Lord of West Direction is planet Rahu.

• All the powers of planet Rahu makes this product an Ultimate Tool to bring back the positive energy of main entrance in West Direction.

• Compare the positive energy before and after placing the product and you will get to know the difference.

Rs 2,300.00
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