Main Gate Urja (South East)

• Main Gate Urja (South East) product is specifically designed to remove the negative energy and elevate the positive energy of the Main Gate in South - East (Dakshin - Purv) direction.

• This product is placed on top of both the pillars of the main gate.

• Main Gate Urja(South East) product looks like a normal pyramid from outside but it has all the positivity and strength of “Shukra Grah i.e. planet Venus”.

• If main gate placement is in wrong direction or there is ill effect from outside then negative energy builds up which reduces the positive energy of that area.

• The moment we place Main Gate Urja(South East) Product on both sides of the main gate, positive energy of that area increases up to 100%.

• The collective powers of Shukra Grah i.e. planet Venus makes this product an Optimum Tool.
• Compare the positive energy of Main Gate before and after positioning this product.

Rs 990.00
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