Bhumi Urja (East)

• Bhumi Urja (East) product is especially designed to rectify the doshas and to energize East (Purv) corner.

• This product is plunged i.e. digged in the earth in the East direction.

• From outside it will look like a normal Pyramid. In normal pyramid, there is no extra energy instilled in it instead it will have its own energy only.

• But this product has all the powers of “Surya Grah i.e. Sun planet” which is the owner of East direction. There is no Yantra in this product because we do not dig or plunge a Yantra in the earth in order to increase the positive energy of the earth.

• Lord of East Direction is Sun planet.

• All powers of planet Sun are put together in this product which makes it a very powerful tool and cures all the bad effects of Inder corner.

• Bhumi Urja (East) is suitable for plots.

• If there is Vastu Dosh in East of a plot then that area will have very low positive energy. To charge that area, place Bhumi Urja(East) product which will bring its positive energy to 100%.

• You can compare the positive energy before and after the placement of this product using Aura Scanner, Digital Aura Scanner, Lechar Antenna or L-Rod.

Rs 890.00
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