Sampooran Vastu Dosh Niwaran Yantra (NANO)

According to the Vastu Shastra, every direction comes under a Planet or a Graha. For example, East comes under Sun (Surya), North-East comes under Jupiter (Guru).

• If East direction of a house has a Vastu Dosh then the planet Sun (Surya) will suffer then everything related to the planet Sun will get affected for example, name, fame, health, bones, eyesight, government help and problem from seniors and father.

• To rectify this directional dosh, we use Mantra Shakti, Yantra Shakti, Gemstone (Ratna) Shakti, Ank (Numerology) Shakti, Color Therapy, Pyramid Shakti, Crystal Shakti, and take the help of the Lord of that direction.

• Usually, common men do not have the knowledge of what planets represent which direction and they do not know which Mantra, Yantra is for which direction; which Gemstone is give good results according to the direction.

• To avoid this confusion, we have combined all the powers (Mantra, Yantra, Gemstone, Numerology, Color, Pyramid, Crystal) in one Yantra i.e. “Nanno Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra”.

• Moreover, to cure Bhram Sthan Dosh or flaws; we have established
? “Vastu Purush” i.e. “God of Structures”
? Diety of all ten directions
? Namaskar Mantras of all ten directions
? Super Natural Ank or number “7”
? Sfatik Pyramid for all homely pleasures and wealth. This pyramid uses “Space Element” Energy and relays positive energy in all the directions with the help of “Ratna Rang” i.e. Gemstone Therapy.

• This Yantra has all the powers of removing Vastu Dosh of a building or a house.

• It is a very Powerful Tool to be used for any Vastu Dosh without sabotaging any constructed building or house.

• You can check the positive energy after placing it in your house. It will always be 100%.

• This Yantra is Scientifically Tested.

Note: In this Yantra, precious and semi-precious stones are used.
Usage: This is beneficial for small houses (100 square feet)

Rs 3,500.00
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