Veethi Shool Urja(North East)

• Veethi Shool Urja(North East) product is built to rectify the Veethi Shool doshas of North-East i.e. Uttar-Purvdirection.

• If there is a road in front of a house in any direction, that is considered as inauspicious. This increases “Air Element i.e. Vayu Tatva” inside the house and the positive energy reduces tremendously. When we check the energy level of the wall in front of which there is Veethi Shool, the positive energy of that area would be very less.

• This product has all the collective powers and strength of planet Jupiter i.e. Guru Grah which makes it a very powerful tool to cure the bad effects of North East Veethi Shool.

• If there is a tall building or a pole or there is impact of opposite Tatvas/Elements then we place this product on the outer wall of the house to avoid the negative effects.

• Check the positive energy level before and after placing the product.

Rs 590.00
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